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Firm Mission Statement

We understand the VALUE OF TIME in the development process and are interested in the success of your ENTIRE PROJECT. Weíll make sure there arenít transformers in places you donít want them, the landscape architects arenít left with lighting and pumps without power, and youíre not being billed for facilities your project doesnít require. We look out for YOUR INTERESTS, not someone elseís.

Our Mission is to ensure your dry utility design and construction bid schedules are met and you receive dry utility designs that work for your project by application of integrity, courtesy, and expedience in superior design and design/construction coordination.

What we do:

  • Dry Utility Coordination and Design.
    • Electric, Gas & Telecommunication Design
    • Joint Trench Composite Design
    • Civil Engineering
    • Plan review

    Firm Background:

    ALPINE DESIGN CORP (formerly know as Capitol Composites) was founded in 2001 and is based in Sacramento, California. We serve the Northern California development, engineering, architecture and utility construction communities.

    Typical services we offer include Gas and Electric Distribution and Service Infrastructure Design under the PG&E Applicant Design process, Composite Design, Dry Utility Coordination and Site Gas & Electric Design for new subdivision, condominium and apartment, industrial and commercial development.

    We can guide the dry utility design/coordination for your project from the planning through the construction bid process, to reviewing and advising on utility contracts and reimbursements. We typically can document savings substantially greater than our fees when we are allowed to participate through all stages of the planning, design, construction and coordination process

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